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Blow Mold Collections

To help shed light on the unique and intertwined history of blow molds, many have been organized into themed collections. Each focuses on a special attribute shared by several different blow molds. These can be special editions, motorized rarities, oft-copied designs and more.

These products are included throughout the site, but also feature individual pages for easier browsing.

Americana Collection icon

Americana Collection

14 Products

Day-Glo Paint Collection icon

Day-Glo Paint Collection

15 Products

Light Toppers™ Collection icon

Light Toppers™ Collection

23 Products

Motorized Collection icon

Motorized Collection

11 Products

Poloron Pixies Collection icon

Poloron Pixies Collection

14 Products

Material Types

Blow-Molded is home to more than only blow molds. Many blow mold manufacturers use a variety of production techniques, including various types of plastics or materials such as styrofoam. While not blow molds themselves, we find them to be important parts of the history of such companies and we are happy to include them in our archives.

These products are included throughout the site, but also feature individual pages for easier browsing.

Hard molded rubber icon

Hard molded rubber

56 Products

Prior to mainstream blow-molding, there was hard molded rubber and plastisol.

Injection-molded icon


231 Products

Commonly used in mid-century decor to create small, dense plastic figures.

Molded foam icon

Molded foam

69 Products

Light, sturdy and soft: molded foam has been popularized by fake pumpkins.

Styrofoam & Vacucel icon

Styrofoam & Vacucel

35 Products

Styrofoam and its many forms, such as Poloron Products' proprietary vacucel.

Vacuum formed icon

Vacuum formed

149 Products

Thin sheets of plastic are heated and shaped, producing intricate but fragile decor. sponsorship banner sponsorship banner sponsorship banner

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