Blow-Molded is a digital archive dedicated to preserving the magic of seasonal decor. Our collection ranges from the classic glow of plastic "blow molds" to the precision of injection-molded novelties, "flat backs" in oversized vacuum-formed elegance, styrofoam/vacucel decorations, and the nostalgic charm of Halloween candy pails. Blow-Molded showcases pieces that adorned the homes of consumers, municipalities, and commercial businesses alike from the 1940s to the modern day.

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Pre Blow-Molding Era Manufacturers

Prior to the mainstream adoption of the blow-molding process, some early manufacturers used hard molded rubber or plastisol. Given their age and the materials used, relatively few of these pieces have survived and tend to be among the most difficult to find and preserve.

Municipal Manufacturers

Intended for use by municipalities or commercial displays, these manufacturers produced the biggest and brightest products available. They often manufactured for decades, producing hundreds of unique (and expensive) products, resulting in recognizable but hard to obtain collectibles.

Assorted Companies

A mixture of distributors and manufacturers. These companies tend to be more obscure than their better-known counterparts. Often operating at regional scales, exclusively within other countries or for a short overall duration. Some of these companies sold their products under their name as well as under other retailers' in-house brands, leading to some confusion about whether a given company was its manufacturer or distributor.

Asian & European Companies

Less documented than their American counterparts, these blow molds come from a variety of manufacturers and distributors across the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia and were only made available for purchase within Asian or European markets.