Americana Collection

The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks saw a substantial shift in the portrayal of American identity. 2002 saw both Union Products and General Foam Plastics release new variations of pre-existing designs dressed in red, white and blue. Many of these designs re-used existing paint masks, involving only the use of different colors. Other products (such as Union Products' 40" Americana Mrs. Claus #74185) presumably required the development of new, but relatively simple, paint masks.

While this low barrier to entry allowed manufacturers to rather easily respond to market shifts without large investment, the generally short availability of these products indicates they were less popular than the manufacturers may have hoped.

2004 saw the introduction of TPI Plastics' Americana Collection. Following the same path as other manufacturers before them, TPI Plastics reused existing molds with the only substantial change being the paint scheme and where applicable, an American flag attachment. First shown in their 2004 catalog, these designs were some of the last introduced by TPI Plastics which would close later that year.

Unlike the earlier designs produced by Union Products and General Foam Plastics, it is unclear why TPI Plastics, a Canadian company, would bring such an extensive collection of American focused products to market, much later than other manufacturers.

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