To help shed light on the unique, and intertwined, history of blow molds, many have been organized into themed collections. Each focuses on a special attribute shared by different blow molds. These can be special editions, motorized rarities, oft-copied designs and more.

Americana Collection icon

Americana Collection

The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks saw a substantial shift in the portrayal of American identity, even in Christmas decorations.

Clint Babcock Collection icon

Clint Babcock Collection

Custom order paint jobs and a single production run place these General Foam Plastics blow molds among the rarest of all.

Day-Glo Paint Blow Molds icon

Day-Glo Paint Blow Molds

These blow molds are easily identified (and seen!) by their distinctly bright colors.

Drummer Boy Blow Molds icon

Drummer Boy Blow Molds

Few blow molds can claim a history as complex and intertwined as the 50 year history of this once Poloron Products designed Drummer Boy.

Motorized Blow Molds icon

Motorized Blow Molds

Some of the most unique (and most sought after) blow molds are more than just plastic.

Poloron Pixies icon

Poloron Pixies

These tabletop sized classics have helped inspire generations of Christmas cheer. sponsorship banner sponsorship banner sponsorship banner

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