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Sample Photos

These sample photos would have been taken for use in catalogs and other promotional materials. Many show unproduced versions or early prototypes of various products. These photos were found during the 2018 General Foam Plastics auction at Empire’s former Tarboro, NC plant.

By Travis Kenzig

General Foam Plastics

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These photos were shared on General Foam Plastics' Instagram account, @gfpseasonaldecor, 2015-04-19 and 2015-04-16 respectively. As confirmed by comments on the post, the pictured showroom was attached to one of the General Foam Plastics factories.

By Richard Gierlich

Grand Venture

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By Mel Fischer & Nick Kraelew

Holiday Hues

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These photos showcase many of Holiday Hues' products displayed and illuminated as originally intended by the manufacturer: by being placed overtop low voltage landscape lighting. The products shown belong to William McLaughlin, the former owner of Holiday Hues.

By William McLaughlin

Sun Hill Industries

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Shadow Maker Slides

For use with their “Shadow Maker”, these transparent slides were designed to by illuminated from behind to project an image up to 6 to 9ft tall. Many of the slide designs were also reused on their blow-molded disks.

By Nick Kraelew


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By Jeff & Stephanie Bergeron

Union Products

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Taken 1996-05-23 by Ted Fitzgerald of the Boston Herald newspaper, these photos provide a rare sight into the Union Products factory. Both photos are shown alongside the caption slip used by the newspaper for documenting and referencing the photos. The handwritten date and page number likely correspond to the published date and page of story for which the photos were taken.

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