Unpainted Molds

Although many manufacturers sold several of their designs in both painted and unpainted variations, these molds are unique as they were not intended to be sold unpainted. Many of these are simply unfinished stock, purchased at liquidation sales after a manufacturer has closed their doors.

Drainage Industries

40 ½"H

Unpainted Trick Treat Block

© James W Barron

General Foam Plastics


Unpainted Santa

© Roland Freimuth


Unpainted Angel with Wings

© Roland Freimuth

Union Products


Unpainted Gingerbread Santa Star

© Jeremy Dawes


Unpainted Bunny Candle

© Jeremy Dawes


Unpainted Easter Candy Corn

© Mel Fischer


Unpainted Uncle Sam with Flag

© Jeremy Dawes

18 ½"H x 18"W

Unpainted Halloween Wreath

© Jeremy Dawes

20 ½"H

Unpainted Witch

© Jeremy Dawes


Unpainted Gingerbread Snowman

© Tyler Yalian

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