Site Exports

As part of Blow-Molded's long term information archival and preservation goals, we have introduced Site Exports. Each month, a full copy of the website ( is made available for download. With the exception of some documents and pages, all information, documents and photos on the site are included in the download. This has several important benefits:

  • Publishing usable copies of the site reduces the potential information loss from the unexpected discontinuation of
  • People with unreliable internet connections can browse a local copy of the site
  • This produces an archive of the archive itself, helping preserve Blow-Molded's history

Technical Information

Please note: this feature is primarily geared towards technical users. We are happy to provide support and answer questions, but you will likely want at least some pre-existing familiarity with website development.

The download includes all website minified HTML, CSS, JSON and Javascript files. We do not recommend attempting to modify these files, as they are automatically generated and not designed for humans. The exported site is "ready to run", but we ask that you do not host the files using a search engine accessible web server to avoid conflicting search results for A pre-defined robots.txt file is included for this purpose.

Due to large file sizes, the following documents are not included in the download: catalogs, instruction manuals, newspaper ads. These files may instead be manually downloaded from The relevant directory and listing website pages remain in the download, with an added warning message, to preserve context.

Blow-Molded's Site Exports are made available under the Apache License 2.0 except where otherwise noted in cases such as individual contributions of photos and documents. For code libraries and other dependencies, please refer to their corresponding licenses.

We are working towards open-sourcing the Blow-Molded source code and related toolset in the future. Contact us for additional information.

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2022-12-18 (1.0G)

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  • 2022-12-18 (1.0G, md5 sum: d36c5c6f56769c8e23d51820fd94b472)