Santa Claus

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10"H x 7 ¾"W x 7"D

Santa Ornament

Introduced in 2022

Cat. #2227-10483

11"H x 4 ¾"W x 3 ¾"D

Santa with Tree

Introduced in 2021

© Tommy Montanaro
Vintage Santa Claus photo

11"H x 5 ¼"W x 4 ½"D

Vintage Santa Claus

Introduced in 2021

Cat. #2021-11354

Santa photo

11"H x 5 ¾"W


Introduced in 2021

Cat. #2121-11578

Santa with Lantern photo

11"H x 5 ¾"W x 4 ¾"D

Santa with Lantern

Introduced in 2022

Cat. #9053618


Hanging Santa Face

Vacuum formed

Available 2013-2013? (~1y)

Cat. #439598

© Terry Jacks
Santa Chimney Tree Topper photo

16 ½"H x 7 ¼"W x 6 ¼"D

Santa Chimney Tree Topper

Introduced in 2022

Santa With Tree photo


Santa With Tree

Introduced in 2020

Skinny Santa photo


Skinny Santa

Introduced in 2021

Santa photo


Introduced in 2021

Cat. #9249-24859

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