Worcester Toy

Associated with: Dapol, Tivoli Toy
Parent company: Plascor, Incorporated (1968-)
Company Information
  • 1 Product
  • Founded 1946
  • Worcester, MA
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Worcester Toy, a sister company to Dapol which shared their 53 Northboro St. location, would manufacture a variety of toys while Dapol would produce houseware, lawn and garden products, and holiday decorations. Worcester Toy would be overseen by one of its founders, David Goldrosen.

Dapol and Worcester Toy would both be later acquired by Instrument Systems Corporation through a subsidiary: Plascor, Incorporated. It is unknown when Plascor, Incorporated ceased using the Worcester Toy name prior to its 1979 bankruptcy.

Information courtesy of John Goldrosen via phone interview.


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