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Union Products

Commonly abbreviated as UP

Associated with: Cado, Don Featherstone

Parent companies: Faster-Form Corp. (2007-2010), Cado (2010-)

Company Information
  • Manufacturer
  • 1946-2006 (61 years)
  • Leominster, MA
  • UPC prefixes: 0-78304
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About Union Products

During Union Products’ final 2006 season, Farley Technologies was contracted to fulfill many (if not all) of Union Products’ wholesale orders. These blow molds carried Farley Technologies stickers, and can often be identified by Farley Technologies’ usage of semi-translucent plastic and slightly off-color paint schemes.

In 2007, HMC International (a subsidiary of Faster-Form Corp.) would purchase the rights to the famous Union Products’ pink flamingo and contract Cado to manufacturer the product. In 2010, Cado would purchase the full Union Products product line (including the trademark) and continue production as “Union Products, a subsidiary of Cado”.