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Markee Products

"Where style is the difference"

Also known as: Markee

Associated with: General Plastics

Parent company: Impact Innovations (1998-)

Known UPC prefixes: 7-16668

Company Information
  • Manufacturer
  • 1990-1998 (9 years)
  • Marion, IN



25 ¾"H x 8"W

Elf with Candy Cane Sign


Not illuminated

© Nick Kraelew

9 ¼"H x 49"W x 2"D

Merry Christmas Sign

Vacuum formed

Available 1996-1998? (~3y)

Cat. #60002

2 unique items pictured

© Jason Quick

Warner Brothers™

19"H x 16"W


Vacuum formed

Introduced in 1998?

Mold stamped 1997

Cat. #62002

© Tommy Montanaro sponsorship banner sponsorship banner sponsorship banner

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