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Grand Venture

"Light up your holidays!"

Commonly abbreviated as GV

Associated with: Falcon Plastics, MAC Plastics

Company Information
  • Distributor
  • 1996-2005 (10 years)
  • Washington, PA
  • UPC prefixes: 6-18846

About Grand Venture

As sister companies, Grand Venture shared its Washington location with Falcon Plastics. Falcon Plastics was responsible for the manufacturing of all of the blow-molded products sold under the Grand Venture name. Falcon Plastics was previously MAC Plastics, which produced blow molds for other manufacturers, such as Sun Hill Industries and TPI Plastics, before their 1998 bankruptcy. The assets of MAC Plastics would be purchased later that year and reformed into Falcon Plastics. The purchased assets included at least some of MAC Plastics’ molds that would later be manufactured by Falcon Plastics and sold by Grand Venture.

After its 2005 closure, at least some of Grand Venture’s molds would later be acquired and produced by Prime Plastics.