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"Where custom blow molding takes flight"

Associated with: Grand Venture, MAC Plastics

Company Information
  • Manufacturer
  • 1998-2009 (12 years)
  • Washington, PA

About Falcon Plastics

The lesser known muscle behind Grand Venture, Falcon Plastics was responsible for the production of blow-molded products to be marketed and distributed by Grand Venture. As a consequence, few published materials can be found bearing the Falcon Plastics name.

All of Grand Venture's products are [...] molded by Falcon Plastics Inc., Grand Venture's sister firm that shares its Washington location. Falcon, which also blow molds trash pails and lawn and garden products for Grand Venture, posted sales of \$12 million last year.

Falcon Plastics was started after Angelo Falconi, for whom it was presumably named, purchased the assets of the then recently bankrupt MAC Plastics for $2.7 million. MAC Plastics previously manufactured various blow mold designs for other manufacturers, such as Sun Hill Industries and TPI Plastics.

At its peak production schedule in midsummer, the company had hired about 150 workers. [..] While Grand Venture generates about 40 perfect of Falcon's output, Delach said the company also made plastic products for about a dozen other consumer companies during the second half of 1998.

As several blow mold designs originally manufactured by MAC Plastics were later manufactured by Grand Venture, it is assumed that at least some of their molds were included in the purchased assets.

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