Bernard Industries logo

Bernard Industries

Also known as: BERNCO

Doing business as: Tiara Casa

Associated with: Beco Products, MSL Plastics

Company Information
  • Manufacturer
  • 1969-1981 (13 years)
  • Chicago, IL

November 1965 saw the purchase of Beco Products by MSL Industries. Beco Products would continue to sell products under their name, often as Beco Products, a subsidiary of MSL Industries. By the summer of 1968, the Beco Products name was discontinued in favor of MSL Plastics and MSL Plastics moved to their Franklin Park, IL location. Beco Products co-founder Bernard Yellin would then found a new plastics manufacturing company, Bernard Industries, at the former Beco Products location. General Foam Plastics would purchase MSL Plastics’ “molds, tooling work in progress, inventory and all rights pertaining to the merchandise” (Toys and Novelties Magazine, 1970-03) in 1970.

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