Manufacturer UPCs

A UPC (Universal Product Code) is a unique 12 digit number assigned to a given product, often displayed on the product’s barcode. UPCs can be used to help identify otherwise unmarked or unbranded products. The first 6 digits are typically used to identify the manufacturer or distributor. Listed below is a table of known UPCs used by various manufacturers. A manufacturer would typically be assigned a single UPC prefix, but may have had multiple prefixes. Learn more on Wikipedia.’s search tool can be used to identify a company by a given UPC, as well as locating registered UPC prefixes associated with a given company name.

Manufacturer Known Prefixes
Blinky Products 0-42465
Creative Design 7-08016
Drainage Industries 0-85092
Empire 0-42619
Farley Technologies 6-21841
Gemmy Industries 0-86786 & 1-91245
General Foam Plastics 0-29033
Grand Venture 6-18846
Impact Innovations 7-27223
MAC Plastics 6-18272
Markee Products 7-16668
Mercuries Asia 8-05780
Mr. Christmas 0-51053
Pan Asian Creations 8-20290
Santa's Best 0-30075, 0-39934 & 7-41087
Sun Hill Industries 0-78905
Union Products 0-78304 sponsorship banner sponsorship banner sponsorship banner

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