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NOMA Lites (US)

Also known as: NOMA Electric

Associated with: Amico, Glolite, NOMA Lites Canada, NOMA-World Wide

Company Information
  • Manufacturer and distributor
  • 1953-1968 (16 years)
  • Glenview, IL
NOMA Lites (US) Illuminated Santa #33 Instruction Manual.pdf preview
  • Illuminated Santa


1 Page

By David L. Arsenault

NOMA Lites (US) Outdoor Star #37 Instruction Manual.pdf preview
  • Outdoor Star


1 Page

By Jason Quick

NOMA Lites (US) Reindeer #327, Reindeer w/ Sled #328 Instruction Manual.pdf preview
  • Reindeer


  • Reindeer w/ Sled


1 Page

By Lawrence P. sponsorship banner sponsorship banner sponsorship banner

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