Blow-Molded Spreadsheet preview

Blow-Molded Spreadsheet

The Blow-Molded Spreadsheet is a list of every product on the site. Use it to help organize your collections, or take inventory for insurance purposes. Due to its size, it is recommended you remove any irrelevant portions.

TPI Plastics Line Art (.eps) preview

TPI Plastics Line Art (.eps)

74 unmodified vector copies (.eps file format) of many of TPI Plastics' line art drawings published on their website ( between 2000 to 2002. Recovered from

By Nick Kraelew

Blow Mold Restoration Guide preview

Blow Mold Restoration Guide

Skillfully refined over several years, this “Guide to Blow Mold Restoration” is the penultimate guide to repairing and repainting blow molds for beginners and experts alike.

By Carrie Sansing

Replacement Church Windows preview

Replacement Church Windows

These high resolution scans can be printed to easily replace any missing window inserts for an Empire “Church With Steeple” #1475, or as an upgrade to a General Foam Plastics version. sponsorship banner sponsorship banner sponsorship banner

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