Contribution Guide

Blow-Molded is made possible by community contributions from hundreds of people around the world. Contributions of documents, catalogs, product photos, and other assorted research help us grow and improve Blow-Molded. We are happy to provide author attribution for any and all contributions to the site.

Sharing Files

Only submit files that you have the right to publish. We cannot publish photos or documents for which we have not been given permission.

When submitting many files, or large files, you may wish to consider uploading them to a free file sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox and share/invite/send a link to You may alternatively attach the files in an email to us. Some email clients may ask to compress or “resize” any photos, please select the best quality option to avoid the image becoming unusable.

Contact us:

Photo Tips

  1. Move any attached cords out of the way of the blow mold to keep them out of sight.
  2. Place the blow mold in front of a relatively neutral, or solid, colored wall that does not easily blend with the colors used on the blow mold.
  3. If you see shadows on the blow mold, adjust your lighting or move the blow mold away from the wall by a few feet. This helps prevent shadows. If you have lighting equipment available place lights near the front of the blow mold inline with the camera. Do not place them in front of or behind the camera, as this can cause shadows. Try to avoid “top down” lighting, such as overhead lights, which casts shadows onto the blow mold.
  4. If you have a tripod available, consider using it.
  5. Squat down (or lift the blow mold up) so the blow mold’s “eye level” is inline with the camera. This prevents photos from being distinctly angled and ensures the photo is “head on”. If the blow mold is too large, or small, step back a few feet and try again.

If the blow mold contains any stamped information, a close up photo is appreciated so we can make sure the information is recorded onto the site in text form.

Scanning Documents

If you are unable to scan the document yourself, we are happy to arrange for the scanning of catalogs, instruction manuals or other documents on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further information.


Blow-Molded is made possible by the contribution of photos and documents from 153 people and the anonymous contributions of numerous others. Thank you!

Adrian Hurd
Agnes Whipple
Aiden Warne
Andrew Albertson
Andy Smith
Angela Pauken
Anthony Imperiati
Anthony Lloyd
Axl Tomaga
B Weis
Bill Asmussen
Brenda Elliott
Brendan Stewart
Brett Mawhinney
Bridget Smith
Caleb Spurlin
Carl Polastri
Carrie Sansing
Charles Enos
Christian Grandzol
Christopher Jay Evans
Cindy Jo Ward
Cindy Johnson
Clint Babcock
Cole Walker
Cory Clark
D. Shane
Daniel Monda
Daniel Torres
Darrel Cook
Darrell Cook
Daryl & Gidget Hayworth
David L. Arsenault
Deaglan Stewart
Debbie McKenzie
Dominic Siravo
Donna Corchia
Doug Davis
Eric B
Eric R
Frank Finan Jr.
Gary Deutsch
Gerald Hodgson Jr.
Glen Mullaly
Greg R.
Greta Lynch
Jake Heaton
James W Barron
Jamie Freers
Jasmine Elzy
Jason Quick
Jeff & Stephanie Bergeron
Jeff Weber
Jen Grissett
Jeremiah R.
Jeremy Dawes
Jersey Dave
Jim Johnson
Jimmy Paturas
Joe Colbenson
Joey J Florczak
Jonathan Edens
Jordan Mills
Joseph Rein
Judy Matulich-Weitz
Justin Dietz
Justin Zeglevski
Keith Anderson
Kelly Jones
Kelly Miller
Kelly Moss Miller
Kevin Provost
Kirk Kalinski
Larry Lashinsky
Larry Waters
Lawrence P.
Lawrence P. Lampe
Lee Jones
Margie Henson
Mark & Laura Mathews
Mark Podmore
Martha Teams
Matt DiGiacomo
Matt Katzenmayer
Matt McCarrier
Matt Peterman
Matthew Mills
Matthew Pach
Meghan Lawson
Mel Fischer
Michael & Pamela Neumann
Michael Edens
Michael Tausch
Michelle Giles
Mike Politz
Nathan Kiser
Nick Antidormi
Nick Bair
Nick Kraelew
Nieko Disso
Pat Jones
Patrick Hulett
Patrick Long
Patrick Magnus
Paul Trotta
Pragovich Family
Rachel Goodpaster
Randy Rieger
Rheal Roy
Richard Dufresne
Richard Gierlich
Roland Freimuth
Ryan Erb
Sarah Hill
Scott Loftus
Scott Robertson
Shannon DiMartino
Shawn Boyd
Stephen Dziadosz
Steve Colonel
Steve Provost
Steven Gauthier
Sun Health Foundation
Susan Smith
Taj Duncan
Teresa Harper
Terry Jacks
Theresa Bruemmer
Tim Ewing
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Timothy Hancock
TJ Hogan
Tom Crouse
Tom Gacesa
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Tommy Montanaro
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Tyler Scally
Tyler Yalian
Yvonne Smith
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