Contribution Guide

Blow-Molded is made possible by community contributions from hundreds of people around the world. Contributions of documents, catalogs, product photos, and other assorted research help us grow and improve Blow-Molded. We are happy to provide author attribution for any and all contributions to the site.

Only submit files that you have the right to publish. We cannot publish photos or documents for which we have not been given permission.

When submitting many files, or large files, you may wish to consider uploading them to a free file sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox and share/invite/send a link to [email protected]. You may alternatively attach the files in an email to us. Some email clients may ask to compress or “resize” any photos, please select the best quality option to avoid the image becoming unusable.

Contact us: [email protected]

Photo Tips

  1. Move any attached cords out of the way of the blow mold to keep them out of sight.
  2. Place the blow mold in front of a relatively neutral, or solid, colored wall that does not easily blend with the colors used on the blow mold.
  3. If you see shadows on the blow mold, adjust your lighting or move the blow mold away from the wall by a few feet. This helps prevent shadows. If you have lighting equipment available place lights near the front of the blow mold inline with the camera. Do not place them in front of or behind the camera, as this can cause shadows. Try to avoid “top down” lighting, such as overhead lights, which casts shadows onto the blow mold.
  4. If you have a tripod available, consider using it.
  5. Squat down (or lift the blow mold up) so the blow mold’s “eye level” is inline with the camera. This prevents photos from being distinctly angled and ensures the photo is “head on”. If the blow mold is too large, or small, step back a few feet and try again.

If the blow mold contains any stamped information, a close up photo is appreciated so we can make sure the information is recorded onto the site in text form.

Scanning Documents

If you are unable to scan the document yourself, we are happy to arrange for the scanning of catalogs, instruction manuals or other documents. sponsorship banner sponsorship banner sponsorship banner

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