All decorations shown are for informative purposes only and are not for sale.

Seasonal Archives

Looking for a particular decoration, or perhaps are simply interested in browsing?  Take a trip down memory lane in our seasonal archive section, where you will find over one-thousand illuminated decorations, novelties, banks and lawn decor, all categorized by genre.  In each section items are listed smallest to largest, beginning at the top of each page.  When available, you will find comprehensive information about each decoration, such as, but not limited to, the year it was introduced, discontinued and item number.  If there is a year filled with “0000”, it is unknown.  If there is “N/A” (Not Available) under discontinued, the product is still in production.  All sections have convenient links at the top of each page to take you where you want to go, in one click.  We are always adding new decorations, so be sure to check back often.  If you don’t see one you are looking for, or have questions about a particular piece, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll do our best to assist.

Company Profiles

Select any of the companies at the top of each page to view information and history about each one.

Assorted Manufacturers

Select Assorted Manufacturers to view archived items by companies who made a limited amount of blow-molded decorations.

Unknown Manufacturers

Do you know who made these decorations?  Here is where unidentified items are listed, if you have a decoration that is unidentified, submit a photograph to us and we will either identify it for you or post the image to this section.  If you have information regarding an unknown item, please contact us.

Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals for decorations requiring one.  Need a missing manual?  Look for it here.


Lithographed packaging.  View the decoration packaging of years past and current packaging as well, complete with information.


Visit our electrical section to view the various lighting kits and their information.


Visit the supplies section to purchase or find where to buy the parts you need.


If you have a decoration you would like to have refinished, visit our refinishing page for sample work and information on how to have yours restored.


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